Center for Law and Intellectual Property

powerpoint_templates_education_theme_justice_law_ppt_themes_Slide01Texas Wesleyan School of Law’s Center for Law and Intellectual Property (CLIP) reflects the law school’s established commitment to excellence and best practices in the study of intellectual property by engaging theory, policy, and practice. CLIP classes and activities demonstrate a deep understanding that theory is grounded in practical application, and that theory and practice together shape policy. Students are encouraged to model this understanding in three different ways:

  • Engaging with the community through advocacy and service;
  • Engaging in dialogue with scholars and practitioners at the forefront of intellectual property issues; and
  • Engaging with other students in a context that supports their energy and creativity, as the world currency becomes one of content and information.

Texas Wesleyan School of Law is situated in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, making it an ideal place for students to study intellectual property. Surrounded by the thriving business community and creative economy of one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, CLIP takes full advantage of its surroundings, and has developed partnerships with community organizations to engage students in intellectual property issues in areas such as entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and the arts. Because of the city’s emphasis on arts and culture, Fort Worth is also considered the “museum capital of the Southwest.”

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Tips for finding the cheap servers online

If you are looking out for cheap servers online for the management of your website, then you would wish to look out for such options those irrespective of being cheap would not compromise the quality of services rendered to their customers. The services include fast servers and connectivity and the reliability.  There are a lot of factors that need to be remembered while selecting the cheap website hosting services and ignoring them will result in a huge loss within a very short period of time. Here are a few points that you need to check out:

While looking out for a cheap hosting solution there are a lot of services that will be offered by different companies and you need to take into account the packages, hardware requirements and the support structures to make sure you are availing the best solution.

When you are visiting the website of a service provider the packages offered by them will provide information starting from the bandwidth to the price. It is better to not compromise with the bandwidth for a little extra money.

Another important aspect is the space. This will portray how much server space you will able to gain as lease and this means that if you grow beyond the space; you will have to upgrade the package.

If possible always opt for different packages. The advantage of having different package is you can upgrade as your company grows. And the complete control will be at your website, not to the company.


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Get best Cannabidiol oils easily

As all know, most of plants are having a lot of medicinal uses. However, we only know the medicinal uses of a very few plants. The cannabis is one of the plant species that is having a lot of medicinal uses. Almost all the extracts from the cannabis plants are used for making a lot of medicines. The cannabidiol or the CBD is the major extract obtained from the cannabis plant. The CBD is used for the manufacture of a lot of medicines for the treatment of diseases like colitis, liver inflammation, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many more. However, the cultivation of the cannabis plants is illegal in many countries. You need to get special permission from the government to manufacture CBD.

Due to the anti-psychotic effect in the human body, the cannabidiol is used by the psychiatrists for the treatment of their patients. They are also used in many cosmetic and beauty products because they can remove acne and wrinkles from the skin effectively due to the presence of antimicrobial formula. One of the most popular and legally accepted CBD manufacturers and suppliers is the Cbd Oils UK. The Cbd Oils UK provides only high quality CBD oils at low costs. This is one of the major reasons that made the Cbd Oils UK Company unique and special from other CBD manufacturers.

The Cbd Oils UK Company supplies the cannabidiol throughout the world if the use of this product is legal in your country. More information and details about the CBD will be easily available from the cbdoilsuk website. You can check whether the use of CBD in your country is legal or not from the website. You can call their customer care representative or the chat facility provided on the website to get instant help and support at any time.

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imagesWe are a small web hosting company that utilizes snail mail to verify customer locations.  (Hayes Family Trucking) has made our lives easier by taking this off our hands.

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Great Customer Services Builds the Status of Hayes Family Trucking

When you deal with a company that provide you services with a sincere aim of winning the heart rather than cash, you get the best return of your penny. Customer services only marks a company stands out among the others in the same niche. Realizing this fact, the new companies pay key attention to their customer service when they commence offering service to the public. Hayes Family Trucking is no exception. Their entire business is public dealing. They rent out their equipments to the contractors, companies and individuals for their private projects. These heavy equipments and vehicles are needs for construction work. Whether it s a road that needs to be paved in a rough terrain or it s a building that needs preparation of ground for building the loaders, trucks and backhoes are essential to make the work possible.



hayes family trucking amilot

Importance of Good Customer Service

When you contact a Hayes Family Trucking company to hire from them some equipment or vehicles or anything else, as a client you expect them to be humble and not stiff in their response. Asking a question and requiring further details becomes impossible with a company representative who does not seem to be interested in your inquiries. You get discouraged and worse than that you do not feel that all what you need is available with the company you contacted. Final outcome of this unfriendly customer service is that a potential client leaves them and hires the services of another firm. There are three key features of good trustworthy company:

  • It shows reliability.
  • It makes a company highly competitive.
  • It offers worry-free service.

If you can find these three features in a company’s dealing and the way they serve their customers, make sure that you are going to have a trouble-free m business relation with them. The importance of good customer service becomes more obvious when companies beat one another in an industry. If you look from the point of equipments and technology you may find that all of them are offering high-end tools and vehicles. Entire fleet of trucks at the companies in your town is in excellent working condition; new models with advanced abilities. The only thing that persuades you to hire your needed equipments form a certain company and ignoring the others is the fact that they deal with their customers with high-end values and sincerity. A company with such customer service often beats all of its competitors.

How to find a Good Trucking Company

Ask your friends and family to help you in choosing the best service in town through their own past experience. They sure have gone through business dealings with a company and have experienced their customer services. Do not miss to check This business is taking big strides towards a great future. By keeping their customer service friendly and reliable, they are struggling to bring their company among the top best firms in the industry. Read all the details on the website and the most important is the details of the service. You get all your need to know from there. Whether you call them or end them an email a prompt reply will let you know all what is bothering you.

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Maintenance of Your Picture Frame

Maintenance of a picture frame is–unfortunately for most people–much like maintaining a goldfish bowl. If you are not actively looking at it then you tend to forget about it. However, with a goldfish bowl there is regular maintenance not necessarily of the bowl itself, but with the goldfish therein.

Yet, a frame does require regular maintenance so that what lies within (the picture, certificate, diploma or other item) does not “die” or become severely damaged.

As with any furniture or appliance in your home, a picture frame collects dust. As with any furniture or appliance in your home, if the dust is not removed then it can work its way inside, making it appear more dirty, being more difficult to clean, and potentially damaging what you have inside.

As you do for your other items, dust regularly with a clean, slightly damp cloth. A glass cleanser can be helpful if it has been awhile since you cleaned it. You have many options, but in all cases, never–under any circumstances–clean the frame when the picture is still inside. It can make an undesirable situation (a dusty or dirty frame) far worse by damaging what you have sought to protect by framing it.

For other suggestions on cleaning, especially wood or sterling silver picture frames, contact the knowledgeable experts at Merlin Frame Maker in Singapore.

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The best appointment reminder service provider in United States

There are so many hospitals that are providing the advance booking facility for various departments. This is a big help for people as they can plan their medical appointments in advance. However, people may forget about this appointment and they may not show up for the appointments. This will be a huge loss for organizations like hospitals as they are keeping a certain amount of time for a specific patient and if they do not appear, then the hospitals will be losing that time. The money that can be obtained from those appointments is lost and also that time could have been used to treat another patient.

The best solution for this is that the hospitals can appoint some agencies who are working as appointment reminders. With the help of these agencies, we can remind the patients about the appointments and thus, they will not miss any of the appointments that they have with the hospitals.

The adtelusa is a famous website that is working as appointment reminders in the United States region. They are in this field for several years and they have already made a good reputation among several agencies working in the same field.The adtelusa website is used by so many organizations to appoint them to provide the appointment reminders facility.

The hospitals in the United States region are now having very less number of no-show appointments, and the main reason behind it is the effective service that the adtelusa website is providing to almost all the hospitals in that area.

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Advantages of buying used ophthalmic equipment

Ophthalmic equipment is essential tools for ophthalmologists. They spend a lot of money to buy brand new equipment. However, purchasing a used ophthalmic device can save a lot of money. It is a very common practice in recent years. Used ophthalmic equipment has the same level functionality as brand new equipment

Brand new ophthalmic equipment is normally backed with warranty and service from the company.  A used equipment may not have this advantage. However, a few well-reputed sellers provide limited warranty on selected equipment. It is always recommended to buy used ophthalmic devices from reputed sellers who have a proven track record in the ophthalmic industry. Experienced doctors will always check for the reputation of the seller in order to ensure quality of service. They will always check every aspect of equipment before placing the order. You can get the best ophthalmic equipment from the Global DSR stores in Florida, which is providing trusted services with the sales and services of the equipment.

Global DSR is a one stop answer for everything related to ophthalmic equipment industry. The firm has an excellent track record in ophthalmic equipment deals. They offer assistance for buying, selling, spares, service and financing of ophthalmic equipment. More information about Global DSR and their services are available on the globaldsr website.

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Best room additions providing company in San Diego

A house will become definitive only after effective utilization of rooms in it. Room additions help you to convert your dream home to a reality. Without room additions your home is only just a vacant space. Lots of companies are now concentrating in providing room addition services. People should be very careful in selecting the best service providing companies.

One of the reputed companies in San Diego ensuring high quality room addition facility is the Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen. They mainly offer kitchen and bathroom addition services. Highly qualified and experienced designers are their in the company who effectively convert your essentials like bathroom, kitchen and bedroom into functionally perfect one. The Room additions San Diego services from them have gained acceptance globally with the high quality work and efficient customer service being provided. Experts in the company have managed to satisfy the needs of all their customers by involving within the project plan. They provide complete details of the work that will be undertaken for room addition to the customer. A tremendous ware house with all types of room addition products are their main attraction. The firm has been serving in the room additions San Diego field for many years and is maintaining a long lasting relationship with each customer.

People spend most of their investment for fulfilling their dream of beautiful house. Those who need to convert their dream to reality can rely up on remodel works and get the services provided by them. The remodelworks website is a place from which you can get all the details about the services quickly.

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The leading plumbing works provider in San Diego area

Every home should be maintained properly in order to live there without any problems. Proper checking should be done on the houses on regular intervals and have to make sure that everything is fine. The most caused problem for a building is the plumbing works. The plumbing works include several works related to drainage, sewage and many more. People should appoint good service providers to do the plumbing works in their home. If it is done by someone who is not that much experienced, then they may not do the work well, and it can give other problems to the house.

There are so many good agencies doing plumbing works in the San Diego area and the top providers are Plumbing Plus. People who are looking for plumber San Diego service can avail the services of the Plumbing Plus as they are providing some excellent services to their customers. There are so many different services that they provide to their customers in the field of plumbing and several people in the San Diego area are making use of their services.

The plumbingplus website has all the details of the company and those people who want to contact the Plumbing Plus for doing plumbing works in their homes can make use of this website to contact them. They are established in the field of plumber San Diego for so many long years and the reputation that they have achieved through consistent service have made them the leading plumbing agency in the entire San Diego area.

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Affordable San Diego home remodeling information

If you are starting to plan for remodeling of your house with a certain budget, the first thing that you can do is to create a proper plan and make a list of your desired changes. This will help you in initializing your approach and a direction from where to start from. Making a list will also help you in estimating the overall price of the materials and changes that you need to make. You can take a bit of extra precautions while redesigning your house and do not forget to assemble the reusable parts. If you have the spare time, you can also opt for doing some of the designing work on yourself like painting, sand arts, removing the rubbish.

The next factor that is important is considering the long term expenses. It is advised by the San Diego home remodeling instructors that, you can purchase the pre finished materials for the decoration of your house. Apparently, it may seem to be costly to purchase the pre designed materials, but it will save a lot of money on the paints and finishing jobs. For instance, you can get the primed or painted weatherboard, decking boards, skirting or even the pre fabricated wall finishes. Though the costs of these items are more upfront, but it will definitely save a lot of your valuable money and time by preventing the costly paint jobs.

It must be remembered that the cost of renovation for San Diego home remodeling is more on the peak seasons, because, the interior decorators and contractors double their charges during that time. So, you might want to make a time table for efficiently starting the renovation project. This will help you in bargaining more and help you in getting a fair deal for the remodeling of your house.

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